Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012


"When darkness seems to hide His face
I rest on His unchanging grace
In every high and stormy gale
My anchor holds within the veil."


Sunday, August 5, 2012

hey pinterest, thanks.

If I am lacking inspiration, I can usually count on Pinterest to get my mind going. I love scrolling through the endless crafts, recipes and pictures posted. And every so often, I find myself saying, "I would LOVE to do that!" So I save the image or idea and put it aside for another time. But how often do I actually make or create those things? Not often. 

So I have decided when I am feeling that creative pull, I'll go pick out something I have "pinned" and give it a try. Here are two of my recent projects, Pinterest inspired of course. 

1. What I found: This cute canvas where you can use vinyl letters to create text of your choice, paint over everything, and then pull the letters away to reveal your finished piece.
Finished product! 

2. What I found: This little fabric banner! I really liked the sizing of the words she used, so I kept the feel of it very similar. 
Finished product! 

I love the finished pieces! 
So tell me, what have you been creating lately? 


Saturday, August 4, 2012

the new normal


Today I am welcoming in August with a late afternoon iced coffee from the local coffee shop, a cupboard full of new groceries (for the first time in months), and a little update here on the (neglected) blog.

July was full, so full. This summer proved to be rather eventful, which caught me by surprise. I had no plans of leaving Lynchburg anytime in the (near) future. But a job opportunity came my way pretty unexpectedly and I was recently hired to work with Crossroads Worldwide as their new Missions Director. Exciting (!), to say the least. I am so in awe of the Lord and His timing, plan, patience and love for me. It all stills feels a little surreal.


But with that change, came many more. Leaving my job, Church, friends and home in Lynchburg and packing up and heading south. I spent most of July in NC observing camp and learning more about my new position. Then I spent some time in northern VA with the family to hang out, rest and catch up with old friends. So it feels like I have been in transition for awhile. 

About a week ago though, I made the trip south. With the help of a few good friends and a Uhaul,  I have made my home in small town in southern North Carolina. I mean like, one stoplight small. I am thankful though for so many familiar faces and friends. I kind of feel like I left one home and walked into another.

So heres to welcoming new beginnings and making this life, the new normal. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

what I like to do, when there's lots to do

I have been feel rather crafty lately. Actually, I think anytime I have a list of things "to do" that really need to get done, I start a craft and do that instead. It's like my own little way of avoiding reality. During these busy seasons, I also find it pretty refreshing to walk through an old thrift store and find a few gems worth bringing home. These are some keepers I found the other day.

What are some things that help you un-wind?


Saturday, June 23, 2012

sweet summa' time

How is it almost July? I feel like the summer months are flying by!

Catching up with old friends.
Boiling Springs, NC
But to defend myself, yet again, in my absence from the blog I must say things have been busy. Really busy. Since May, I have spent most weekends away from our sweet little apartment. I spent one weekend away with friends on a canoe-camping trip. I went to North Carolina three different times (crazy, I know)  and then home to see my family once too. Meaning, I spent plenty of time in the car developing my solo dancing career. Keep a look out. 

And to think, that was nothing compared to what July has in store. Why you ask? Well, because in July I am moving south. The real south. I am going to start working full time with for an organization that I love and have been a part of for many years. I really can’t believe it…but more on that later. For now, I am consumed in this end of the transition. Packing, planning, processing, ect. It pretty crazy to think I won’t be back in Lynchburg, and will probably never live in community with many of the people I love here again. I know, what a sad, sappy perspective. But I have been beyond blessed with the friendships I made in & post college and its okay to know that I will miss it (and them) very much.

Lynchburg, Va 
But this transition is good, and right and exciting. So here is to enjoying everything Lynchburg has to offer over these next few weeks and making sure to take snaps of all my favorite places. That way, I can compile something to put on my (new) coffee table (in NC) and tell people stories.

Fun stories.


Monday, May 14, 2012

the days are getting warmer

Life is so full these days, in a good way. Warmer weather has officially set in and I couldn't be happier. Summer is here which means hello! to road trips, camping weekends, bike rides and everything else great. Except cardigans, I am always a little sad when it becomes too hot to wear them without getting odd looks from strangers. I can't explain it, outfits just don't feel as "complete" without one. So theres that for not-so-great summer facts.

Anyway, in an attempt to make up for my recent absence from the blog, I will bring you up to date with some of my favorite snaps from the last few weeks. enjoy! 

Bike rides in the recent warmer weather, are so great. All
the girls have one now so we are like a real life bike gang.
Bike girlz fo lyfe. 

Road trips (!) mean you can eat anything, or so I thought.
Shortly after I consumed this and a few other "sweet" things
I felt ill and told Kelly to never let me do that again.
Lesson learned. 

Love time with sweet friends. Especially this one on her

On the road, again. We recently spent time in NC for a wedding!
It was so special to be a part of that day, and I left feeling
refreshed after time spent with so many people I love. 

Buy local. Or more specially, from the Orth family farm.  

One of the many blessings Boiling Springs has to offer. My time
with this sweet woman is always filled with encouragement and
wisdom. I am so blessed by her friendship. 

I finished my first piece of stained glass last week! I have so
enjoyed taking art lessons and creating new things. I would
love to taking something pottery related next. 

Remember this face, or what you can see of it. This guy is a
pro I tell ya. If you could only hear him play music from
Pride and Prejudice, your heart would melt too. 

Saturday mornings couldn't be sweeter. I have so enjoyed my
weekend adventures with this girl. I am looking forward to
many more yard sales this summer! 

What are some things you are looking forward to this summer? 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just a snap
 of our little town. 

I like it here. 


Monday, April 23, 2012

A little show, of art.

There is just something about making something out of what was once nothing. (Yup, read that one again.) You know, taking scraps, paint whatever really and making the nothingness it was, into something new, fresh, great.  
Nothing, to something. 

I am so thankful that I have been given the ability to use my mind and my hands to create. Its a beautiful thing really, and I find so (so) much joy in it. I feel free and purposeful. I feel closer to my God in the seasons when I create often. Perhaps because He is the inspiration behind it all, or maybe just because it is then, for a moment, that I am like Him. 
Nothing, to something.

Okay but really, on to the exciting update. My very talented roommate Kelly and I decided a month ago, what the heck, lets host an art show and sell these things we create. Soon after we had a date, a time and friends who said they were coming. 

So we did it! Here are just a few snaps before the guests arrived: 

One view of the space we used in our apt. 
Kels linoleum block prints!
Little potato prints I experimented with and love. 
Hand painted post cards and envelopes, by Kel.
We both displayed some photos too. 

It turned out to be really wonderful actually. We felt so loved and encouraged by the end of the night. I hope to take advantage of opportunities like this one more often. 

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sunday, April 22, 2012

We went to Prom, again

Life has been so busy lately! Kel and I hosted our first art show this weekend (full post to come!) and I felt like I had something to finished almost every night this week. Leaving of course, little to no blog lovin' time.  But a rainy Sunday afternoon is just what I needed to play a little catch up. 

So last night, there was a local fundraiser in town called the, “Second Chance Prom.” The woman who puts on the whole thing each year is in the same stained glass class that my friend Che’ and I are in. Needless to say, she spoke so highly of it that we decided to go. We were perhaps the only girls who attended NOT in actual prom dresses, but we danced the night away and had a great time. Here are a few prom-like snaps we took before heading out.

I am so glad we all went, and next year I am sure we will be better prepared and have some kind of ridiculous prom attire ready to go.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home again, home again

We got a long weekend at work for the Easter holiday, which was really wonderful. I decided to take the pup and head to my parents house for a few days. They live about 3 hours north and even though we talk a few times a week, it isn’t often that I have time with them- just to be with them. I enjoyed every minute with my family and felt very loved and refreshed on my drive back. I also had a good amount of time to work on a few creative projects, but more on those later. For now I just needed a reason to share a snap of Louise, it had been too long.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY: Potato stamp fun

Sometimes it just feels nice to start making something you know you can finish all in one sitting. This is one of those things, I promise.

Here's what you'll need:

A carving utensil (a small knife works fine for larger designs)
A potato! I used a sweet one (aw) just because I had one already
Paint of your choice
Some pretty paper, or cloth to print on
& if your the kind of person that always needs a ban-aid, maybe grab one of those too.

First, wrap your mind around the idea that you carve away what you don't want. For some reason that concept took me a second, but I am sure you are quite the whiz and think less of me for hesitating. Thats okay.
Then if you need a guide, draw your design on your potato before you begin cutting away. If you mess up, or your "hand slips" you can always just cut an inch or so off and start again.
Finally test it out with a couple trials runs, just to make sure it stamps evenly and your happy with the print. Then dip your cute little potato in the paint and stamp away!
Remember, simple works! This flower (aka, swirl) design did just the trick for a little project I'm working on. Happy creating!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tea parties and city fun

This spring has been filled with weekend trips up and down the east coast to see friends and family and attend a whole bunch of weddings. Catching up with sweet friends is so refreshing and makes up for how tired I am on Monday mornings. This weekend my roommate Kelly and I headed south to attend our friends bachelorette party. We are both in her wedding in May, so it was an exciting weekend of preparation and fun.

Here is a snap (taken by the passenger, of course) of the stormy sky on the drive down.

Her Maid of Honor planned a little afternoon tea before we headed to the city to celebrate. The decorations and details were so classy and cute. She even set up a little mimosa bar, which was delicious. And then off we went for a night on the town. Here is a snap of us with bride to be! She is the one on the far left, wearing the crown. Parties are so fun and it was a great day of celebrating with friends. I am looking forward to the wedding next month! "May the fourth be with you."


Monday, March 26, 2012

I meet Seth, Seth meets whale.

This weekend one of my best friends flew to Virginia for the first time since her little baby was born. I was so excited to see him in person and not just on a computer screen. I wanted to make him something special, so I attempted one of my first stuffed animals ever. I decided on a whale (so trendy i know) and picked out some great "feeling" fabrics to make him the perfect playmate and pillow.
And here is what I came up with! I learned some tricks along the way that will help make the next attempt a little less stressful, but all in all I was really happy with the outcome. Torri's family lived in Italy a few years back and they always speak so fondly of their time there, so I named him "Balena" which is whale in Italian.
Here are a few snaps of Seth and his new whale, Balena. (translated: whale, whale) Look at that little guy (!) , he is so precious.
Even though Tor and Seth couldn't stay too long, I am so thankful for my sweet time with them. Seeing Tor as a mom first hand, was a surreal thing because we all used to talk about being moms "one day." I am blessed to have had these two girls in my life for so many years, and thankful for the blessing of watching friends becoming wives and mothers.
Love you (three)!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tiny terrariums

I love terrariums. I think I especially love them in this season of life because we don’t really have anywhere we could garden around our apartment. Sure, I could plant a tulip or two in a vacant plot somewhere but who knows how long they'd last. So last weekend it was beautiful outside and I was finally inspired to go out and get some supplies to make a terrarium of my own. There are so many plants to choose from, ways to pot them, and things to pot them in (hello decision overload) that it took me awhile to decide on what I wanted. But after a good 30 minutes or so at the store I made my way out with everything I needed. If you are looking into making one of your own, just decide on what plant you want first and then do a little research to find out the environment your plant will need to stay alive and kickin’.

I decided this time to use a variety of succulent plants (a form of cacti) because they retain water and are pretty low maintenance overall. I used succulent & cactus soil to pot them as advised by my good friend Janine, thanks nine. It is apparently “quick drying” so you can avoid any of mold from growing in your pots. Finally, to add a little character I used some dried moss, a few rocks, and a cute dinosaur.

Here are a few snaps of the process:

And of course a close up of the little dino.
It's really pretty easy! Now you can celebrate warmer weather by making your own tiny terrarium.