Saturday, August 4, 2012

the new normal


Today I am welcoming in August with a late afternoon iced coffee from the local coffee shop, a cupboard full of new groceries (for the first time in months), and a little update here on the (neglected) blog.

July was full, so full. This summer proved to be rather eventful, which caught me by surprise. I had no plans of leaving Lynchburg anytime in the (near) future. But a job opportunity came my way pretty unexpectedly and I was recently hired to work with Crossroads Worldwide as their new Missions Director. Exciting (!), to say the least. I am so in awe of the Lord and His timing, plan, patience and love for me. It all stills feels a little surreal.


But with that change, came many more. Leaving my job, Church, friends and home in Lynchburg and packing up and heading south. I spent most of July in NC observing camp and learning more about my new position. Then I spent some time in northern VA with the family to hang out, rest and catch up with old friends. So it feels like I have been in transition for awhile. 

About a week ago though, I made the trip south. With the help of a few good friends and a Uhaul,  I have made my home in small town in southern North Carolina. I mean like, one stoplight small. I am thankful though for so many familiar faces and friends. I kind of feel like I left one home and walked into another.

So heres to welcoming new beginnings and making this life, the new normal. 


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