Monday, April 23, 2012

A little show, of art.

There is just something about making something out of what was once nothing. (Yup, read that one again.) You know, taking scraps, paint whatever really and making the nothingness it was, into something new, fresh, great.  
Nothing, to something. 

I am so thankful that I have been given the ability to use my mind and my hands to create. Its a beautiful thing really, and I find so (so) much joy in it. I feel free and purposeful. I feel closer to my God in the seasons when I create often. Perhaps because He is the inspiration behind it all, or maybe just because it is then, for a moment, that I am like Him. 
Nothing, to something.

Okay but really, on to the exciting update. My very talented roommate Kelly and I decided a month ago, what the heck, lets host an art show and sell these things we create. Soon after we had a date, a time and friends who said they were coming. 

So we did it! Here are just a few snaps before the guests arrived: 

One view of the space we used in our apt. 
Kels linoleum block prints!
Little potato prints I experimented with and love. 
Hand painted post cards and envelopes, by Kel.
We both displayed some photos too. 

It turned out to be really wonderful actually. We felt so loved and encouraged by the end of the night. I hope to take advantage of opportunities like this one more often. 

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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