Friday, December 30, 2011

Things that are neat

For all you iphone Instragram users, here is a little treat to brighten your day. Instagram has helped me to document my day-to-day adventures and allowed me to be creative anytime, or anywhere. All of those images are automatically saved to “my photos” but I wanted prints too! So I started looking online and found Postal Pix. This website is so great! You simply download the app and can upload and pay for your photos all from your iphone. The great thing is, they come in little squares! I don’t know why this made me so excited, but it did. When my package came in the mail I did a little happy dance and ran inside to check them out. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Be sure to check out Postal Pix! And stay tuned for a DIY post on ways to display your little square bundles of joy.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY: Serving Tray

It has become kind of a joke that I like to pick things up off the side of the road. I slow down anytime I see something interesting being thrown away and often, stop to pick whatever it is up and bring it home with me. Well, a few months ago a house down the road was re-doing all of their windows and left the old panes to be thrown away. Spotting those gems was such a wonderful moment. I was riding with a few friends and enlisted both of them to carry over as many as I could fit into my trunk.

I decided to use one of them to make a cute little serving tray. Here's what I did, incase you want to make one too!

1. I cleaned up the old windowpane and sanded it a little to get the loose paint off.

2. Then I found some cute knobs at a local trinket shop and used a drill to help me fasten those baby’s into place.

3. I decided I wanted some kind of an image on my tray, so I drew the outline of a city in India I lived in for one summer a few years back. The city actually prides itself off of their grid-like street system. Very unlike India to be so organized, that’s for sure.

4. Finally, make sure to find your little tray a home. Mine sits in the entryway of our apartment.

So next time your out driving around town, slow down and check out what the neighbors are throwing away.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Currently Reading: The Hunger Games Trilogy

I started reading these books in the summer, I know, they are taking me so long! The first book I couldn’t put down, but life was slower then and it seems as though I have started a handful of books since. I get so attached to stories and I don’t want things to end, so I put the book down and prolong the inevitable by starting a new one. But now, with the colder weather settling in I find myself having more time to stay indoors and read. I was a little skeptic at first when everyone started reading this series but the story is so entertaining. Not to mention the first movie comes out this spring and a friend of mine is an extra in it!

So even though I have yet to finish, I recommend you pick up the first book and start reading.