Sunday, August 5, 2012

hey pinterest, thanks.

If I am lacking inspiration, I can usually count on Pinterest to get my mind going. I love scrolling through the endless crafts, recipes and pictures posted. And every so often, I find myself saying, "I would LOVE to do that!" So I save the image or idea and put it aside for another time. But how often do I actually make or create those things? Not often. 

So I have decided when I am feeling that creative pull, I'll go pick out something I have "pinned" and give it a try. Here are two of my recent projects, Pinterest inspired of course. 

1. What I found: This cute canvas where you can use vinyl letters to create text of your choice, paint over everything, and then pull the letters away to reveal your finished piece.
Finished product! 

2. What I found: This little fabric banner! I really liked the sizing of the words she used, so I kept the feel of it very similar. 
Finished product! 

I love the finished pieces! 
So tell me, what have you been creating lately? 


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