Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tiny terrariums

I love terrariums. I think I especially love them in this season of life because we don’t really have anywhere we could garden around our apartment. Sure, I could plant a tulip or two in a vacant plot somewhere but who knows how long they'd last. So last weekend it was beautiful outside and I was finally inspired to go out and get some supplies to make a terrarium of my own. There are so many plants to choose from, ways to pot them, and things to pot them in (hello decision overload) that it took me awhile to decide on what I wanted. But after a good 30 minutes or so at the store I made my way out with everything I needed. If you are looking into making one of your own, just decide on what plant you want first and then do a little research to find out the environment your plant will need to stay alive and kickin’.

I decided this time to use a variety of succulent plants (a form of cacti) because they retain water and are pretty low maintenance overall. I used succulent & cactus soil to pot them as advised by my good friend Janine, thanks nine. It is apparently “quick drying” so you can avoid any of mold from growing in your pots. Finally, to add a little character I used some dried moss, a few rocks, and a cute dinosaur.

Here are a few snaps of the process:

And of course a close up of the little dino.
It's really pretty easy! Now you can celebrate warmer weather by making your own tiny terrarium.


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