Monday, June 25, 2012

what I like to do, when there's lots to do

I have been feel rather crafty lately. Actually, I think anytime I have a list of things "to do" that really need to get done, I start a craft and do that instead. It's like my own little way of avoiding reality. During these busy seasons, I also find it pretty refreshing to walk through an old thrift store and find a few gems worth bringing home. These are some keepers I found the other day.

What are some things that help you un-wind?


Saturday, June 23, 2012

sweet summa' time

How is it almost July? I feel like the summer months are flying by!

Catching up with old friends.
Boiling Springs, NC
But to defend myself, yet again, in my absence from the blog I must say things have been busy. Really busy. Since May, I have spent most weekends away from our sweet little apartment. I spent one weekend away with friends on a canoe-camping trip. I went to North Carolina three different times (crazy, I know)  and then home to see my family once too. Meaning, I spent plenty of time in the car developing my solo dancing career. Keep a look out. 

And to think, that was nothing compared to what July has in store. Why you ask? Well, because in July I am moving south. The real south. I am going to start working full time with for an organization that I love and have been a part of for many years. I really can’t believe it…but more on that later. For now, I am consumed in this end of the transition. Packing, planning, processing, ect. It pretty crazy to think I won’t be back in Lynchburg, and will probably never live in community with many of the people I love here again. I know, what a sad, sappy perspective. But I have been beyond blessed with the friendships I made in & post college and its okay to know that I will miss it (and them) very much.

Lynchburg, Va 
But this transition is good, and right and exciting. So here is to enjoying everything Lynchburg has to offer over these next few weeks and making sure to take snaps of all my favorite places. That way, I can compile something to put on my (new) coffee table (in NC) and tell people stories.

Fun stories.