Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy 24!

Birthdays are so fun. I love the intentional time you get to spend with those around you. This year mine was mid-week so the girls were sweet and planned a day the weekend before doing things I love like painting pottery(!) together. My actual birthday was pretty busy which happens to those of us in the 8-5 club, but some friends came over late that night and we had a little shin-dig to celebrate the big 2-4. My friend Lu (not to be confused with my pup Lou, although she is just as great) took this video and it makes me laugh because Kel had no idea she bought me trick candles. Or maybe she did, I’ll never know.

My favorite thing about birthdays in my community here though is the tradition we started almost 3 years ago that on your birthday everyone takes time to tell you something about you they are thankful for. So often those things are never said out loud and it is just a great opportunity to encourage one another. Sometimes they are pretty light hearted and sometimes, they make you tear up. But not only was I thankful to receive that this week but I am always blessed to share on someone else’s birthday as well. I would encourage you to add this tradition to your own families or communities this year too! It really is great.

This party in a box arrived on my birthday, thanks mom.

Here’s to making year 24 full of joyful things, passionate pursuits and many, many adventures.


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  1. That video warms my heart. I'm so glad you had a great day!