Friday, March 2, 2012

Currently reading: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I am in a current book void. I love the feeling you have when you are so connected to a story that you find yourself somehow involved in what’s going on. The pages come alive and often, we (okay, I) lose my ability to reason that the story isn’t actually my reality. Well right now, I am at a loss because I have finished all the books I was so invested in. So lately I have been writing titles down that I hear people talking about and decided to start a few of them and see how it goes. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was actually one that my little sister said she was about to start reading. So of course anything cool enough for her is cool enough for me, right? So a couple clicks later (thanks, Kindle) I had the book in hand and started the story. I really enjoy the perspective that the author writes from as you read the thoughts of a little boy who lost his Father in 9-11. He is on a journey to find some kind of closure while in an attempt to be strong for the people around him. I am only a few chapters in but so far I have really enjoyed it. I think I’ll need to read some kind of series next though, 300 pages just isn’t enough.

What books have you been reading lately, or would you recommend?


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  1. have you ever read lord of the rings? that should be next on your list! i promise it'll give you a lot to dive into.

    besides that, 'watership down' by richard adams is my favorite book. also, 'the name of the wind' is the first in an ongoing fantasy series by patrick rothfuss that's pretty great. of course if you really wanted to get into something huge you could read the malazan book of the fallen series by steven erikson...first one is called 'gardens of the moon.' but that might be too nerdy for you.