Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day Ma & Pops

My parents are both from small towns that look something you would see on a television show. Stores with tons of character, quirky little restaurants, lighthouses right off the shore and you can hear the ocean from just about anywhere.

They actually met in college (my dad was my moms RA) and were married soon after. After the birth of my older brother, my dad enlisted in the Army and my parents left their friends and families behind to start one of their own. They had 3 more children, all about 3 years apart in age and moved about 10 times before they settled down in northern Virginia.

The four of us were so blessed by both of them (& still are). They made such an effort to fill our childhood with adventures and memories we will cherish forever. Their love for us was evident by their actions and their words.

What wasn’t as obvious to me growing up was their deep love for one another. Sure, it was there but I didn’t recognize what a gift they had until much later. Even after over 25 years of marriage my dad still brings fresh flowers home unannounced, they make an effort to spend time together, they plan weekend getaways and they hold hands in public, just because. I am blessed to have them both and thankful for the example they have been to me.

Happy (belated) Valentines day Mom & Dad. I love you very much.


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