Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY: leather flower garland

I love to nest. Moving into a new apartment has been exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I see so much potential for fun little project around every corner. The hard part is just finding the time to do them all! One of the more recent projects I did was make this cute little flower garland out of leather scraps to hang above our dining area. Here are some simple instructions incase you want to make one of your own.

1. Supplies: You will need a pair of sharp scissors, a pretty strong needle, thread and whatever scraps of leather you can scrounge up.

2. First, cut out little circles of leather about the size of a bottle cap.

3. Then fold your little circle into quarters and poke your needle through both sides. This is your first petal!

4. Continue this process until you have 4 or 5 "petals" threaded and then take both ends of your thread and tie them together, creating one cute little leather flower.

5. The number of flowers you need will vary, but I just made them until my fingers were sore from pushing the needle through such thick leather. Once you think you have enough, thread them onto whatever string you wish to use and walah(!) you have successfully created a leather flower garland. Now pick a date to throw a cocktail party for all your friends to show off your handiwork.


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