Wednesday, April 17, 2013

little reminders

I am so easily discouraged. We live in an expectation based culture and I think I often miss out because I am so focused on if the moment, or day, is living up to what I thought it was going to be like. Or I set an expectation for myself or those around me to achieve something, but again I am let down when the reality isn't what I had imagined. 

Maybe that's weird, but it's real life. 

I was reminded today though of just how thankful I am to have a relationship with a God who will never disappoint me. He loves me in a way that is hard for me to understand. In a way that no one on earth ever will. 

His love is genuine, selfless and infinite. 

My God is so, so faithful & I am forever in awe of His goodness towards me. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. 

I cannot set an expectation of Him that will not be exceeded a thousand times over. 

Reminders like that are good, and worth sharing. 


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