Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saving up

So there are the things you have to spend money on (rent, gas, food), the things you decide to spend money on (clothes, coffee, books) and then there are the things you decide to save for because they just don't warrant an immediate drop in your checking account.
I have three things on that list right now.
1. A bike! Now this one I have been waiting to purchase for awhile now. I wanted to find just the right one to cruise around town on. I am hoping to have this little guy just in time for spring in Lynchburg.
2. A new pair of runing shoes! I am going to go check out a few pairs at our local running store. I have also been looking up some fun races in the next few months, just to hold myself accountable.
3. Okay, so this one is less of a priority and more of a dream. I would love to have a KitchenAid mixer. They are just so practical and cute!
Well, there you have it. I'll keep you posted on the progress of my savings.


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  1. M- I have Merrell Pace Gloves and they are amazing. I had Brooks and was always twisting my ankles--they were too heavy/bulky. The Pace Glove feels like I have a sock on with a hard bottom. I've been using them this winter and my feet stay warm but not sweaty. My knee problems are gone, but it does affect the body at first - transitioning to "barefoot." We got ours for $80 at a Merrell outlet in Maryland, too : )