Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I love beginnings. Meeting new people, the start of a new craft, books, adventures and of course, the first of the year. It seems as though the newness of a year offers the opportunity for change and so with that brings goals and aspirations. I am not one for “new years resolutions” because incorporating new goals and habits all at once is unrealistic. I do however have some things I would like to pursue this year. Here is my list thus far:

1. I want to make more meals at home and find creative healthy recipes to experiment with.
2. Finally start taking classes for the studio art certificate at the local community college.
3. Set time aside to create and do it often.
4. Plan weekend adventures to local places I have never been,
5. -but also save to take an international trip this year too.
6. Create an Etsy account and sell things.
7. Be outdoors! Take advantage of things like hiking, biking, camping, canoeing and running in Lynchburg. Maybe even run another half marathon.
8. Be more intentional to make time for those around me.
9. Master an iced coffee recipe, and keep the fridge stocked.
10. Make trips to Boiling Springs to visit sweet friends.
11. Explore trails around town with Louise, my pup.
12. Write more and start an art journal!
13. Keep fresh flowers around the apartment.

Well, thats a start. Here’s to embracing all things 2012.


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